Effects of PSE on the quality of cooked hams.

  title={Effects of PSE on the quality of cooked hams.},
  author={Desmond O'Neill and Patrick Brendan Lynch and Declan J. Troy and Daniel J. Buckley and Joseph P. Kerry},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={64 2},
Meat quality comparisons were carried out on hams produced from pork legs showing evidence of PSE and normal pork legs. Quality measurements included drip loss, sliceability, cooking loss, TBARS analysis and colour evaluation (Hunter L, a, b). A total of 40 pork legs were selected from a commercial slaughtering plant, 20 from carcasses showing PSE and 20 from normal carcasses based on L, a, b, and pH values. Carcass pH taken between the third/fourth rib was measured 45 min, 90 min, and 24 h… CONTINUE READING