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Effects of Note-Taking Training on Reading Comprehension and Recall

  title={Effects of Note-Taking Training on Reading Comprehension and Recall},
  author={Mina Rahmani and Karim Sadeghi},
  journal={The Reading Matrix : an International Online Journal},
  • Mina Rahmani, K. Sadeghi
  • Published 1 April 2011
  • Education, Psychology
  • The Reading Matrix : an International Online Journal
The present study examined the process and product effects of note-taking strategy training on Iranian EFL learners’ comprehension and retention of written material, with gender as a moderating variable. Intermediate undergraduate EFL learners (N = 108) were assigned to experimental and control groups. The Experimental (intervention) Group received training on how to take notes, using graphic organizers as a guide, while the Control Group did not receive any instruction. A multiple-choice… 

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