Effects of Marine Toxins on the Reproduction and Early Stages Development of Aquatic Organisms

  title={Effects of Marine Toxins on the Reproduction and Early Stages Development of Aquatic Organisms},
  author={V{\'i}tor Vasconcelos and Joana Azevedo and Marisa Isabel Clemente da Silva and Vitor Ramos},
  booktitle={Marine drugs},
Marine organisms, and specially phytoplankton species, are able to produce a diverse array of toxic compounds that are not yet fully understood in terms of their main targets and biological function. Toxins such as saxitoxins, tetrodotoxin, palytoxin, nodularin, okadaic acid, domoic acid, may be produced in large amounts by dinoflagellates, cyanobacteria, bacteria and diatoms and accumulate in vectors that transfer the toxin along food chains. These may affect top predator organisms, including… CONTINUE READING


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