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Effects of Manual Lymph Drainage on the Activity of Sympathetic Nervous System, Anxiety, Pain, and Pressure Pain Threshold in Subjects with Psychological Stress

  title={Effects of Manual Lymph Drainage on the Activity of Sympathetic Nervous System, Anxiety, Pain, and Pressure Pain Threshold in Subjects with Psychological Stress},
  author={Sung-joong Kim},
  journal={The Journal of Korean Physical Therapy},
  • Sung-joong Kim
  • Published 30 December 2014
  • Psychology
  • The Journal of Korean Physical Therapy
Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of manual lymph drainage (MLD) on the activity of sympathetic nervous system, anxiety, pain and pressure pain threshold in subjects with psychological stress. Methods: Twenty-nine subjects with psychological stress were randomly assigned to experimental (MLD) and control (rest) groups. This study was performed as a controlled, randomized study using spectral analysis of electrocardiographic (ECG) activities, the State-Trait Anxiety… 

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