Effects of M1 and CCK antagonists on latency of pancreatic amylase response to intestinal stimulants.

  title={Effects of M1 and CCK antagonists on latency of pancreatic amylase response to intestinal stimulants.},
  author={Elke Niebergall-Roth and S. Teyssen and Manfred Vincenz Singer},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology},
  volume={279 2},
In six conscious dogs with gastric and duodenal cannulas, secretin (164 pmol. kg(-1). h(-1) iv) was given to provide a flow of pancreatic juice of approximately 1 drop/s. Amylase activity was measured in each drop before and after rapid intravenous injection of caerulein (7.4 pmol/kg) or intraduodenal injection of L-tryptophan (1 mmol), sodium oleate (3 mmol), and HCl (3 mmol). All experiments were repeated in the presence of the M1 receptor antagonist telenzepine (81 nmol. kg(-1). h(-) iv) and… CONTINUE READING


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