Effects of Low-oxygen Atmosphere on Ethanolic Fermentation in Fresh-cut Carrots

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Changes in acetaldehyde, ethanol and amino acid concentrations in broccoli florets during air and controlled atmosphere storage
Abstract Acetaldehyde, ethanol and non-protein bound amino acids were determined in broccoli florets ( Brassica oleracea L. var. Italica cv. Marathon) stored for 7 days at 10°C in air or controlledExpand
Inhibition Of Anaerobic Respiration In Fresh-Cut Apple Slices
Quality of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables as affected by exposure to abiotic stress
It becomes clear that current understanding of abiotic stress levels and mechanisms is relatively sparse and further research is required to better document this issue as well as to develop effective strategies to modulate stress responses such that quality and nutritive value of fresh cut fruits and vegetables can be improved. Expand
Wounding stress induces alcohol dehydrogenase in maize and lettuce seedlings
Wounding stress increased the concentration of endogenous ABA during the first 6h in both seedlings and the maximum increased levels of ABA in thelettuce and maize seedlings were 4.9- and 4.7-fold of that in the non-stressedseedlings, respectively. Expand
Effect of anaerobiosis on alcohol dehydrogenase in oat seedlings
Changes in staining intensity of the isozymes indicated that the increase in ADH activity in oat under anaerobiosis resulted from increased enzyme synthesis. Expand
Flooding induction of alcohol dehydrogenase in shoots and roots of barley seedlings
Barley (Hordeum vulgare) seedlings were exposed to flooding and activities of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and their isoform profiles were determined and only two bands of ADH isoform were found in the shoots and the roots of non-induced seedling. Expand
Genome-wide survey of the phosphofructokinase family in cassava and functional characterization in response to oxygen-de cient stress
Haiyan Wang Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Pingjuan Zhao Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Xu Shen Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Zhiqiang XiaExpand
Genome-wide survey of the phosphofructokinase family in cassava and functional characterization in response to oxygen-deficient stress
  • Haiyan Wang, Pingjuan Zhao, +5 authors Wenquan Wang
  • Biology
  • 2020
Background: Glycolytic pathway is common in all plant organs, especially in oxygen-deficient tissues. Phosphofructokinase (PFK) is a rate-limiting enzyme in the glycolytic pathway and catalyses theExpand
Growth and respiratory metabolic adaptation strategies of riparian plant Distylium chinense to submergence by the field study and controlled experiments.
A significant regression equation analysis showed root starch content and dry mass accumulation were the major factors affecting the seedling survival and D. chinense may have adopted a suite of growth and respiratory metabolic adaptation strategies to survive long-term submergence. Expand
Roots: Fresh-cut carrots
Abstract Fresh-cut carrots include peeled carrots that are diced, shredded, or cut into disks or sticks. The severity of processing and the geometry of the pieces influence the respiration rate.Expand