Effects of HEMA on water evaporation from water-HEMA mixtures.

  title={Effects of HEMA on water evaporation from water-HEMA mixtures.},
  author={Edna L Pashley and Yu Zhang and Petra E Lockwood and Frederick A Rueggeberg and David Henry Pashley},
  journal={Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials},
  volume={14 1},
OBJECTIVES The aims of this research were: (1) to determine the relative rates of evaporation of water and HEMA, and (2) to determine the effects of increasing concentrations of HEMA on the rate of evaporation of water from water and HEMA mixtures. METHODS Ten microliters of each solution (100% H2O, 75% H2O-25% HEMA, 50% H2O-50% HEMA, 25% HEMA, 100% HEMA) were placed on the pan of a thermogravimetric analysis instrument held at 37 degrees C. The rate of spontaneous weight loss was measured as… CONTINUE READING


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