Effects of Geometric Variations on the Buckling of Arteries.

  title={Effects of Geometric Variations on the Buckling of Arteries.},
  author={Parag Datir and Avione Y Lee and Shawn D Lamm and Hai-Chao Han},
  journal={International journal of applied mechanics},
  volume={3 2},
Arteries often demonstrate geometric variations such as elliptic and eccentric cross sections, stenosis, and tapering along the longitudinal axis. Effects of these variations on the mechanical stability of the arterial wall have not been investigated. The objective of this study was to determine the buckling behavior of arteries with elliptic, eccentric, stenotic, and tapered cross sections. The arterial wall was modeled as a homogenous anisotropic nonlinear material. Finite element analysis… CONTINUE READING

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