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Effects of Fulvic Acid on Skin

  title={Effects of Fulvic Acid on Skin},
  author={M. Karr},
A composition which has bactericidal or bacteriostatic properties comprises coal-derived fulvic acid or a salt or a derivative thereof as active ingredient in a suitable carrier. The carrier is preferably water. ____________________________________________________________________________ Bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal method using fulvic acid derivatives United States Patent 5,204,368 Inventors: Cronje , et al. Patent Issued: April 20, 1993 Abstract: The present invention relates to compounds… Expand
Agricultural uses of plant biostimulants
There is growing scientific evidence supporting the use of biostimulants as agricultural inputs on diverse plant species, such as increased root growth, enhanced nutrient uptake, and stress tolerance. Expand


[The use of the HET-CAM test for the determination of the irritating effects of humic acids].
Using the synthetic humic acid product HS 1500 and the native product Sodium-Humate, the suitability of the HET-CAM-test to evaluate irritating effects was tested and it is concluded that both products are very mildly acting substances on mucous membranes and skin, causing no irritative effects. Expand
Systemic toxicity and dermal irritation of Tołpa Peat Preparation.
Results show that TPP may be considered as practically non toxic, in acute and chronic toxicity studies TPP was well tolerated in both animal species. Expand