Effects of Environmental Contamination and Acute Toxicity of N-Nitrate on Early Life Stages of Endemic Arboreal Frog, Polypedates cruciger (Blyth, 1852)

  title={Effects of Environmental Contamination and Acute Toxicity of N-Nitrate on Early Life Stages of Endemic Arboreal Frog, Polypedates cruciger (Blyth, 1852)},
  author={Anusha Balangoda and Khm Ashoka Deepananda and Hemantha Wegiriya},
  journal={Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology},
This study investigated the potential toxic effects of environmentally relevant nitrate concentrations on development, growth, and mortality of early life stages of common hour-glass tree frog, Polypedates cruciger. Tadpoles from hatchlings through pre-adult were exposed to environmentally relevant nitrate concentrations detected in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. Newly hatched, external gill stage, and internal gill stage tadpoles were exposed to potassium nitrate for bioassay tests. No behavioral changes… 
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Sodyum nitrit (NaNO2) ve sodyum nitrat (NaNO3) gida koruyucusu olarak kullanilmaktadir. Teratojenik, mutagenic ve kanserojen etkilere ek olarak, bu urunlerin endokrin bozucu etkileri de vardir. Bu


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