Effects of Electronic Cigarettes on Oral Cavity: A Systematic Review.

  title={Effects of Electronic Cigarettes on Oral Cavity: A Systematic Review.},
  author={Ana Ralho and Ana Sofia Coelho and Manuela de Lucena Ribeiro and Anabela Baptista Paula and In{\^e}s Flores Amaro and Jos{\'e} Sousa and Carlos Miguel Marto and Manuel Marques Ferreira and Eunice Carrilho},
  journal={The journal of evidence-based dental practice},
  volume={19 4},

E-cigarettes and oral health - What do dental professionals need to know?

The aim of this review is to provide dental professionals with an updated overview of the available data regarding the effects of e-cigarettes on oral health.

The Effects of E-Cigarette Aerosol on Oral Cavity Cells and Tissues: A Narrative Review

The aim of the review is to briefly present data on the effects of the chemical components and toxins of e-cigarette vapor on oral cavity cells and tissues of oral health.

Electronic Cigarettes’ Toxicity: From Periodontal Disease to Oral Cancer

This review makes an up-to-date extensive presentation of the possible mechanisms that associate electronic cigarette smoking with increased prevalence and progression of oral cancer and the effect of nicotine on chemotherapy drug resistance.

Oral Health Effects among Conventional Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette Smoking among Users in Saudi Arabia

It was observed that even though oral mucosal lesions were more in conventional cigarette smokers but e cigarettes were not the safe option as it has ill effects also, and the usage of e cigarettes was seen more among females than males.

Oral health practices and self-reported adverse effects of E-cigarette use among dental students in 11 countries: an online survey

Dental students showed good oral hygiene practices, but E-cigarettes users showed a higher prevalence of health complications, and E-cigarette users reported significant improvement in their physiological functions compared to never smokers or tobacco users.

Periodontal and Peri-Implant Health Status in Traditional vs. Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes Smokers: A Systematic Review

It may be carefully concluded that e-cigarettes may cause attenuated clinical inflammatory signs of periodontitis and, hypothetically, of peri-implantitis when compared to conventional tobacco smoke.

Evaluation of periodontal indices among non-smokers, tobacco, and e-cigarette smokers: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Results of the present review suggest a reduced effect on periodontal tissue of e- cig smoking compared to traditional cigarettes, despite recent studies proved that e-cig smoking increases oxidative stress, inflammatory responses, change in pulmonary cellular behavior, and stimulates DNA injury.

Tobacco Use and Oral Health.

The lining of the mouth (oral mucosa), if exposed to tobacco and its products in a susceptible individual, can develop benign, potentially malignant, and malignant tumours.

E-cigarettes use among university students in Jordan: Perception and related knowledge

Prevalence, perceptions, and knowledge of e-cigarettes among university students in Jordan, an observational cross-sectional study using an online self-administered questionnaire was conducted among students from public and private universities between October 2020 and January 2021.



Electronic cigarettes and oral health: A narrativereview

The evidence presented in this review suggested that e-cigarette use has direct effect on oral health, however there is weak evidence on its effectiveness.

Oral mucosal lesions in electronic cigarettes consumers versus former smokers

An increased prevalence of three specific types of OMLs was detected among ECs consumers.

Crosstalk between oral and general health status in e-smokers

The e-cigarette can be considered as a valuable alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but with a positive impact on periodontal and general health status, as well as in the general health perception.

Electronic cigarette explosions involving the oral cavity.

Health Effects of Trace Metals in Electronic Cigarette Aerosols—a Systematic Review

The present review first focuses on the structure of the ECs followed by an appraisal of the data from experimental studies about the metals released in EC aerosols and their associated health hazards.

NIH electronic cigarette workshop: developing a research agenda.

This paper describes proceedings from a National Institutes of Health-sponsored workshop, which was held in November 2013, to identify research needs related to the effects of e-cigarettes, and identifies the research needs identified by participants.

Increasing popularity of waterpipe tobacco smoking and electronic cigarette use: Implications for oral healthcare

Healthcare professionals are informed about waterpipes and ECIGs, emerging evidence on the biological effects of these increasingly popular tobacco products are highlighted, and perspectives for dental patient management and future research are introduced.

Levels of saliva cotinine in electronic cigarette users.

At least some experienced users of electronic cigarettes appear to be able to gain as much nicotine from those products as do cigarette smokers.

Influence of E-smoking liquids on human periodontal ligament fibroblasts

Within its limits, the present in vitro study demonstrated that menthol additives of e-smoking have a harmful effect on human periodontal ligament fibroblasts, which might indicate that Menthol additives should be avoided for e-cigarettes.

Oral Candida carriage among cigarette- and waterpipe-smokers, and electronic cigarette users.

Oral C. albicans carriage was significantly higher among cigarette- and waterpipe-smokers and E-Cig users than never-smoker, and no significant differences were identified among groups in the oral carriage of other Candida species.