Effects of Duty Cycles of the Plasma Actuators on Improvement of Pressure Distribution Above a NLF0414 Airfoil

  title={Effects of Duty Cycles of the Plasma Actuators on Improvement of Pressure Distribution Above a NLF0414 Airfoil},
  author={Arash Shams Taleghani and Abdollah Shadaram and M. Mirzaei},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science},
This paper investigates the effects of duty cycle on improvement of pressure distribution above a NLF0414 airfoil using the plasma actuators. Three dielectric barrier discharges as the plasma actuators are flush mounted on airfoil surface in different positions in order to improve pressure at post-stall angle of attacks. The experiments were performed at ReC = 7.5 × 105 and the post-stall angles of attacks. The main aim of the related experiments in this paper is to better understand how duty… CONTINUE READING


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