Effects of Dissolved Cd2+ and S2- Ions on the Flatband Potential of CdS Electrode in Aqueous Solution

  title={Effects of Dissolved Cd2+ and S2- Ions on the Flatband Potential of CdS Electrode in Aqueous Solution},
  author={H. Minoura and Toshio Watanabe and T. Oki and M. Tsuiki},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Applied Physics},
Alignment of energy levels in amorphous oxides and at semiconductor-water interfaces
Amorphous oxides are currently key materials in many technological applications, e.g. as gate dielectrics in metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) devices, and as coating layers to protect water-splittingExpand
Nanoscale Effects in Water Splitting Photocatalysis.
  • F. Osterloh
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Topics in current chemistry
  • 2016
This chapter discusses issues using selected examples from the literature and from the laboratory of the author to improve the efficiency of the process and lower the costs of nanostructured photocatalysts. Expand
Solar Energy for Fuels
Solar water splitting using semiconductor photocatalyst powder.- Co-catalysts for water splitting.- CO2 reduction to hydrocarbons.- Biomimetic water oxidation systems.- Plasmon assisted solar energyExpand
Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting as a Pathway to Sustainable Energy
  • 2015
Use of potential determining ions to control energetics and photochemical charge transfer of a nanoscale water splitting photocatalyst
Tetrabutylammonium (TBA) stabilized H[Ca2Nb3O10] nanosheets catalyze hydrogen evolution from aqueous methanol under illumination with UV light. Here we show that surface treatment with protons,Expand
Electrodeposited copper oxide films: Effect of bath pH on grain orientation and orientation-dependent interfacial behavior
Abstract Copper (I) oxide (Cu 2 O) films were cathodically electrodeposited on Sn-doped indium oxide substrates. The influence of electrodeposition bath pH on grain orientation and crystallite shapeExpand
Capacitance, Luminescence, and Related Optical Techniques
The sections in this article are Capacitance Space Charge Layer at a Semiconductor–Electrolyte Interface Differential Capacitance of a Semiconductor–Electrolyte Interface Measurement ofExpand
Dye sensitization of antimony-doped CdS photoelectrochemical solar cell
Abstract Sb-doped CdS single crystal was used as a photoanode to fabricate a photoelectrochemical solar (PECS) cell. The three organic dyes; eosin, thymol blue and rhodamin 6G were used asExpand
The absolute energy positions of conduction and valence bands of selected semiconducting minerals
Abstract The absolute energy positions of conduction and valence band edges were compiled for about 50 each semiconducting metal oxide and metal sulfide minerals. The relationships between energyExpand


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