Effects of Different Classes of Insecticides on the Activity of Hydrolases in Cotton Plant Leaves

  title={Effects of Different Classes of Insecticides on the Activity of Hydrolases in Cotton Plant Leaves},
  author={Akmal M. Asrorov and Elvira Sultanova and Olga N Veshkurova and Shavkat Salikhov},
Chitin is the main component of the fungi cell wall and exoskeleton of insects which serve as a defensive covering means in these organisms. Plants produce chitinase and glucanase as a systemic acquired resistance against these pests. The amounts of these enzymes in plant tissues change by the influences of different biotic and abiotic environmental factors which result in the defense of plants to be higher or lower. Insecticides a class of pesticides used against insects often cause the insect… CONTINUE READING


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