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Effects of Couple’s Empathy on Relationship Satisfaction: Adult Romantic Attachment as a Mediator

  title={Effects of Couple’s Empathy on Relationship Satisfaction: Adult Romantic Attachment as a Mediator},
  author={Lijun Li},


Sex Differences in Empathy and Related Capacities
In this article, the literature on sex differences in empathy (denned as vicarious affective responding to the emotional state of another) and related capacities (affective role taking and decodingExpand
An Index of Empathy for Children and Adolescents.
BRYANT, BRENDA K. An Index of Empathy for Children and Adolescents. CHILD DEVELOPMENT, 1982, 53, 413-425. This study presents the development and validation of an index of empathy for use withExpand
Empathy: Gender effects in brain and behavior
Examinations of the neurobiological underpinnings of empathy reveal important quantitative gender differences in the basic networks involved in affective and cognitive forms of empathy, as well as a qualitative divergence between the sexes in how emotional information is integrated to support decision making processes. Expand
Gender differences in emotion recognition: Impact of sensory modality and emotional category
Women were found to be more accurate in recognition of emotional prosody, and there was a gender-specific selection bias for alluring stimuli: Men, as compared to women, chose “alluring” more often when a stimulus was presented by a woman asCompared to a man. Expand
Pathways between attachment and marital satisfaction: The mediating roles of rumination, empathy, and forgiveness
Abstract This study explored a path to marital satisfaction based on attachment theory. For this purpose, a sample of 208 Korean married teachers completed a survey on adult attachment, rumination,Expand
Psychological, physiological, and behavioral responses to a partner in need
This study examined the role of compassionate love (CL) in shaping cognitive, emotional, physiological, and behavioral responses to partner distress (N = 56 couples). One member of each couple (theExpand
Relationships between Dimensions of Attachment and Empathy
Two studies explored the relationship between dimensions of attachment (closeness, trust, anxiety) and three forms of empathy (empathic concern, perspective taking, personal distress). In Study 1,Expand
Gender, Race, Adult Attachment, and Marital Satisfaction Among Malaysians
This study investigated the gender and race differences on attachment-related avoidance, attachment-related anxiety, and marital satisfaction in the three major Malaysian ethnic groups (i.e., Malays,Expand
Marital satisfaction and depressive symptoms in China.
Evidence is provided that the marital discord model of depression is useful in understanding the role of marital dissatisfaction as a risk factor for depressive symptoms in collectivistic societies, such as China. Expand