Effects of Countdown Timers on Driver Behavior After the Yellow Onset at Chinese Intersections

  title={Effects of Countdown Timers on Driver Behavior After the Yellow Onset at Chinese Intersections},
  author={Kejun Long and Lee D. Han and Qiang Yang},
  journal={Traffic Injury Prevention},
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Objectives: Few studies have focused on the effect of countdown timers at signalized intersections in China, where such timers are widely deployed for their perceived benefits of increased safety and capacity. This study examines the effect of countdown timers on driver behavior during the yellow interval. Method: Signal phasing and traffic operations were videotaped at 4 comparable signalized intersections under normal conditions. Microscopic details were extracted manually at 25 Hz to yield… 

Effects of Countdown Timer on Yellow Light Running: An Empirical Study

Yellow light violation is exacerbated by the deficiency in the definition of yellow light function from Chinese road traffic safety law and no penalty to such violators. Last January, the

Analysis of the Impact of Countdown Signal Timers on Driving Behavior and Road Safety

This article describes the safety and effectiveness issues related to signal countdown timers (SCT). These devices are used in many countries around the world. The impact of these devices on road

Countdown timers, video surveillance and drivers' stop/go behavior: Winter versus summer.

The issue of using countdown timers at intersections with traffic lights: A literature review

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    2018 XI International Science-Technical Conference Automotive Safety
  • 2018
It has been proved that countdown timers are very useful, improve comfort, safety and smoothness of traffic in the opinion of drivers, and there is a lack of information on determining the real impact of countdown timers on the number of collisions in the presented literature review.

Influence of green signal countdown timer on severe crash types at signalized intersections due to red light violations

P2W are found to have the highest exposure in crash involvement for both timer conditions, and SCT's installation can be recommended as a cost-effective engineering countermeasure to reduce severe crash types at signalized intersections.



The Effect of Digital Count-Down Display on Signalized Junction Performance

The study suggests that countdown timer has got little effect on initial delay but the effect on headway is significant and the violation of traffic light by the drivers for countdown and normal signal is compared.

Modification of Driver Behavior Based on Information from Pedestrian Countdown Timers

Analysis of pedestrian countdown timers in Lawrence, Kansas revealed that drivers were significantly less likely to increase their speed in order to reach the intersection before the beginning of the red phase when CDTs were present; this indicates that drivers use the information provided from pedestrian CDTs to improve their driving decisions.

A before-and-after study on green signal countdown device installation

Investigating the Impacts of Green Signal Countdown Devices: An Empirical Approach and Case Study in China

Analysis of the impacts of green signal countdown devices in China will offer the basis for traffic practitioners, researchers, and authorities in China to assess the impact of GSCD with respect to its operational and safety performance, and propose guidelines for its proper field installation.

Are Pedestrian Countdown Signals Effective in Reducing Crashes?

It can be concluded that pedestrians as well as drivers are making better decisions using the time left to cross the street displayed on pedestrian countdown signals at signalized intersections in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Analysis of Driver Behavior in Dilemma Zones at Signalized Intersections

A field study evaluated the stopping characteristics of vehicles 2.5 to 5.5 s upstream of signalized intersections at the start of a yellow interval, a region typically considered drivers' indecision


The study suggests that countdown timer has got very little effect on capacity, and the average capacity values for both countdown and normal signal approach are very close to US Highway Capacity Manual values.