Effects of Collagen Ingestion and their Biological Significance

  title={Effects of Collagen Ingestion and their Biological Significance},
  author={Y. Koyama},
  journal={Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences},
  • Y. Koyama
  • Published 2016
  • Biology
  • Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences
Collagen is the most abundant extracellular matrix protein in animal tissues, and heat-denatured collagen (gelatin) and its hydrolysate (collagen peptide) are frequently used as food supplements. Clinical trials revealed that supplemental ingestion of 5-10 g collagen peptide daily improved the properties of facial skin, suppressed ultraviolet-induced skin erythema, and improved the T-cell-related immune status of Japanese people who ingest an average of 1.9 g collagen from their daily diet… Expand
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