Effects of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides on Human Health and Environment: A Review

  title={Effects of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides on Human Health and Environment: A Review},
  author={Nayana Sharma and Ritu Singhvi},
  journal={International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology},
  • N. SharmaR. Singhvi
  • Published 2017
  • Biology
  • International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology
In developing country like India, a marketable surplus of agriculture is the most important factor which influences the economic development of a country. To meet the demands of agriculture goods adequately and to feed the increasing population, the phenomenon of Green Revolution came into existence. Green Revolution, allowed developing countries like India to overcome continual food scarcity by producing more food and other agricultural products by using high-yielding varieties of seeds… 

Impact of Fertilizer on Environment

The chemical fertilizer increases the growth and vigor of the plant, thereby meeting the world's food security, but the plants grown in this way do not develop good plant characteristics, such as a

Managing the Transformation of Traditional to Organic Agriculture in Pune District: A Long Term Policy Framework

  • S. Rode
  • Business
  • 2020
Organic farming is a natural method of cultivation of farms. It improves soil fertility, environment, health of animals and human being. Due to green revolution and commercialisation of agriculture,

Advanced Development of Bio-fertilizer Formulations Using Microorganisms as Inoculant for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment – A Review

Conventional types of fertilizer such as chemical and synthetic fertilizers have demonstrated various adverse effects on the environment, crops, and humans. The utilization of plant probiotics as a

Recent advances in the applications of nano-agrochemicals for sustainable agricultural development.

Insight is given into recent advancements in nanotechnology-based agrochemicals that have revolutionized the agriculture sector and the implementation barriers related to the nanomaterial use in agriculture, their commercialization potential, and the need for policy regulations to assess possible nano-agricultural risks are discussed.

Impact of Pesticide and Fertilizer on Human Health: A Case Study in Godawari Area, Lalitpur, Nepal

Different types of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are in use in Nepal which is harmful for human health. These chemical fertilizers and pesticides are beyond the limitation and restriction.

Impact of Organic Farming on Sustainable Agriculture System and Marketing Potential: A Review

Organic farming helps to improve the health of agro-ecosystem by its holistic approach using onfarm agronomic, biological and mechanical methods in exclusion of all synthetic off-farm inputs.


In order to fulfill the increasing demands of the teaming millions for food security, the reckless use of synthetic fertilizers and frequent burning of agricultural wastes (stubble) has also

The Effect of Young Coconut Husk on the Quality of Goat Manure-Chicken Excreta Bioculture

The negative impact of chemical fertilizers use is soil fertility declining. The situation occurs because of biological, physical, and chemical properties of the soil is decreased. Agricultural waste

Wastewater Application in Agriculture-A Review

In many developing countries of the world, freshwater scarcity has made wastewater application a common practice in the agricultural sector. In water-deficit countries, wastewater is widely used for



Pesticide use and application: an Indian scenario.

Impact of changing agricultural practices on human health: Chronic kidney disease of multi-factorial origin in Sri Lanka

While providing clean water to villages, enhancing awareness and education, and preventing environmental pollution, each country that is affected with CKD-mfo (CKDu) must seek to identify and eliminate the root causes of the disease to prevent its progress, with a specific action plan to eliminate it.


Manufacturing and consumption of pesticides worldwide have been increasing dramatically in crop production. In this process pesticide misuses become more and more serious, which has resulted in heavy

An Overview of Agrochemicals and Their Effects on Environment in Nepal

This research incorporates the actual performance of farmers of Rupandehi district on the issue of agrochemicals and focuses on a summary of both national and international studies regarding the effects of pesticide and chemical fertilizer residues on nature, as well as farmers’ awareness of these effects.

Pesticide: An Appraisal on Human Health Implications

This challenge to food safety may be addressed by preventive strategies which include the use of alternative sustainable agricultural practices or mitigating strategies which are based on reducing pesticide exposure from food and water by different processing techniques.

Organic Farming Benificial to Biodiversity Conservation, Rural Livelihood and Nutritional Security

Organic agriculture is a holistic production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity. It

Water Pollution with Special Reference to Pesticide Contamination in India

The pesticides belong to a category of chemicals used worldwide as herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, ro-denticides, molluscicides, nematicides, and plant growth regulators in order to control

Effect of fertilizer application on soil heavy metal concentration

The result indicated that Cd, Pb, and As concentrations were increased in the cultivated soils due to fertilizer application, although the statistical analysis indicates that these heavy metals increased significantly (P value < 0.05).

Unsafe Use of Pesticide and Its Impact on Health of Farmers: A Case Study in Burichong Upazila, Bangladesh

Respondents strongly believe that vegetables grown with the use of pesticide causes various chronic and acute diseases.

Long-term effects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers usage on some soil properties and accumulation of heavy metals in the soil (case study of Moghan plain's (Iran) irrigation and drainage network).

This research has been done in Moghans irrigation and drainage network (ArdabilIran) in order to evaluate long term effects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers usage on soil properties and heavy