Effects of Bikram Yoga on Body Composition, Blood Pressure, and Sleep Patterns in Adult Practitioners

  title={Effects of Bikram Yoga on Body Composition, Blood Pressure, and Sleep Patterns in Adult Practitioners},
  author={Charleston F. Marger and Lori K. Hicklin and Dena P. Garner},
  journal={Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences},
Studies have demonstrated positive results for people who practice traditional yoga, specifically in body mass index, depression, cancer, sleeping patterns, and diabetes. Most forms of traditional yoga are held in a temperate climate between 293 Kelvin (K) to 295 K; a temperature that is calming and places little stress on the body. Bikram yoga, however, is a more intense form of yoga performed in a hotter climate, typically at 314 K with 40% humidity. The purpose of this study was to determine… 
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