Effects of Acetyicholine on Phospholipides in the Pancrisas

  • Published 2003


We previously reported that acetylcholine or carbamylcholine stimulates enzyme secretion (1) and the incorporation of P3* into the phospholipides of pancreas slices (2). The present report deals with further studies on the effect of acetylcholine and related substances on phospholipide metabolism in pancreas both in vitro and in vivo. It has been found that the increased incorporation of P32 in phospholipides in the presence of acet.ylcholine is due to an independent turnover of phosphate (and presumably the base attached to it) in preformed phospholipide rather than to an increased synthesis of phospholipide de novo. This increased turnover of ph0sphat.e appears to be due to a direct action of acetylcholine on phospholipides or lipoproteins; it does not appear to be closely related to the process of enzyme secretion, as was previously suggested (2).

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