Effects of 60Co gamma-irradiation on chondromucoprotein.

  title={Effects of 60Co gamma-irradiation on chondromucoprotein.},
  author={Haydn E. Edwards and Jeffrey S. Moore and Glyn O. Phillips},
  journal={International journal of radiation biology and related studies in physics, chemistry, and medicine},
  volume={32 4},
Pulse radiolysis and 60Co gamma-radiolysis have been used to study the effects of ionizing radiations on the protein-polysaccharide complex, chondromucoprotein. Both hydroxyl radicals and hydrated electrons readily react with the complex, with second-order rate-constants of 4-55 X 10(8)M-1s-1, respectively. Depolymerization of the carbohydrate component, which is initiated by reaction of OH, readily occurs after irradiation in aqueous solution, as is evidenced by an increase in the formation of… CONTINUE READING

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