Effects of (±)-kavain on inactivation of voltage-operated Na+ channels


Effects of a kava-pyrone (±)-kavain on fast inactivation of Na+ channels were studied in experiments on isolated neurons from the rat hippocampus. (±)-Kavain was found to block Na+ channels, and its effect was voltage-dependent. At the holding potentials of −100 and −80 mV, IC50 for (±)-kavain was 744.9 and 178.8 µM, respectively. The inactivation… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02262780


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@article{Magura2005EffectsO, title={Effects of (±)-kavain on inactivation of voltage-operated Na+ channels}, author={E. I. Magura}, journal={Neurophysiology}, year={2005}, volume={28}, pages={173-177} }