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Effects Of Coconut Neera (Cocos nucifera L.) On Blood Pressure Among Hypertensive Adult Women

  title={Effects Of Coconut Neera (Cocos nucifera L.) On Blood Pressure Among Hypertensive Adult Women},
  author={Bhagya and S. Nandha Gopan},
ABSTRACT The present study evaluated the antihypertensive effects of Coconut Neera(CN) among selected hypertensive adult women of age 30-60 years in Alappuzha. Coconut Neera is sweet, oyster white and translucent natural nonalcoholic beverage collected from tapped unopened spade of coconut palm of West Coast Tall variety. Adult women with blood pressure in the range 140-159mm Hg or stage I hypertension were selected for the study according to the classification of blood pressure by Joint… 

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