Effects Of Adding MoO/sub 3/ To Manganese Zinc Ferrite

  title={Effects Of Adding MoO/sub 3/ To Manganese Zinc Ferrite},
  author={Yukari Matsuo and Keizo Ono and Masayuki Ishikura and Isamu Sasaki},
  journal={1997 IEEE International Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG'97)},
Introduction Demands for more compact, lighter, thinner and higher-performing electronic components have increased in recent years, in step with the downsizing of electronic equipment. Similarly, in order to miniaturize ferrite cores for communication ulse transformers, demands are growing for Mn-Zn femtes with a higher initial permeability [ 1'3 [3 1 . In this experiment, therefore, the effects of adding Moo3 to Mn-Zn ferrites were investigated with a view to developing an MnZn ferrites having… CONTINUE READING