Effectof Dentin Cleansers on the Bonding Eflicacy of Dentin Adhesive


The relatlon between the bonding eMcacy ef the dentin adhesive and the physical change of the dentin after treatment with various dentin cleansers was investigated, The dentin surface was cleaned with one of the seven experimental dentin cleansers, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40% of the phosphoric acid, neutralized O,5M EDTA solution (pH7.4) and 9.1% pyruvic acid containing 9,1% glycin, prior to the combining application of 3596 hydroxyethylmethacrylate solution (HEMA) and a marketed dentin boncling agent. It was found that the bonding eMcacy of the dentin bonding system employed in this study deteriorated with the clegree of reduction Qf Vlckers hardness on the dentin surface after the dentin cleaning.

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