Effectiveness of vaginal administration of progesterone.

  title={Effectiveness of vaginal administration of progesterone.},
  author={Cathryn M A Glazener and Ian Bailey and Michael G. R. Hull},
  journal={British journal of obstetrics and gynaecology},
  volume={92 4},
Vaginal administration of 200 or 400 mg of progesterone in a wax suppository every 12 h in normal women was effective in rapidly achieving and maintaining serum progesterone concentrations at physiological levels appropriate to the midluteal phase of the ovarian cycle and early pregnancy. Given in the follicular phase for 5 days in five subjects at each of two doses, progesterone reached concentrations in serum after 4 and 12 h of 21-105 nmol/l (mean 46.4 nmol/l SD 17.2, n = 50) with 200 mg… CONTINUE READING
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