Effectiveness of natural coagulant in coagulation process: A review

  title={Effectiveness of natural coagulant in coagulation process: A review},
  author={A. H. Amran and N. S. Zaidi and K. Muda and Liew Wai Loan},
  journal={International journal of engineering and technology},
Natural coagulants have been increasingly popular in the past few years due to its benefits and the fact that it resolves mos t of the associated problems when using chemical coagulants. Plant-based natural coagulants perform coagulation either by polymer bridging or charge neutralization, it can be extracted from various plant components. Concerted research and development efforts have been conducted in discovering new plant species and constituents that can be used as natural coagulants… Expand
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Utilization of Fruit Wastes (Jackfruit and Mango Seeds and Banana Trunk) as Natural Coagulants in Treating Municipal Wastewater
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Utilization of plant-based natural coagulants as future alternatives towards sustainable water clarification.
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The Potency of Indonesia Native Plants as Natural Coagulant: a Mini Review
  • H. Kristianto
  • Engineering
  • Water Conservation Science and Engineering
  • 2017
Indonesia is a tropical country which is known for its high variety of natural resources. However, there is limited access to clean water, thus forcing people in rural areas to use turbid water.Expand
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