Effectiveness of cyclosporin therapy for Behçet's disease.

  title={Effectiveness of cyclosporin therapy for Behçet's disease.},
  author={Robert B. Nussenblatt and Alan Gary Palestine and Chi Chao Chan and Manabu Mochizuki and Kim B. Yancey},
  journal={Arthritis and rheumatism},
  volume={28 6},
Behcet's disease is a clinical entity with mouth and genital ulcers, skin lesions, and both anterior and posterior uveitis as its major criteria. It has been theorized that Behcet's disease is immune complex mediated, and is characterized by multiple attacks which often lead to severe visual handicap. Behcet's disease patients with severe ocular involvement and cytotoxic and/or systemic corticosteroid agent failures were treated with cyclosporin (CsA). CsA therapy effectively abrogated the… CONTINUE READING


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