Effectiveness of a verbal reinforcer subsequent to satiation in preschool children

  title={Effectiveness of a verbal reinforcer subsequent to satiation in preschool children},
  author={H. Cook},
  journal={Psychonomic Science},
  • H. Cook
  • Published 1 December 1970
  • Psychology
  • Psychonomic Science
Satiation implies a loss of meaning or reduction in the effectiveness of a stimulus following its continued repetition. It was hypothesized that satiation should reduce the effectiveness of a verbal reinforcer. Ss were assigned randomly to treatment groups in a 2 by 2 by 5 factorial design. During a baseline phase, Ss in a free-operant task dropped marbles into either of two holes, and a low preference side was determined for each S. Each S then continually repeated aloud “good” (a positive… Expand
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