Effectiveness of Some Edible Coatings on Storage Ability of Zaghloul Date Palm Fruits

  title={Effectiveness of Some Edible Coatings on Storage Ability of Zaghloul Date Palm Fruits},
  author={M. S. Aboryia and Asmaa S. M. Omar},
Effectiveness of edible coatings such as Jojoba oil (JO) at 5%, Arabic gum (AG) at 10% and Paraffin oil (PA) at 7.5% as solely or in combination on physical and chemical characteristics of Zaghloul date palm fruits stored at 0±1°C and R.H. 85-90 % for 6 weeks were investigated during two successive seasons (2018 and 2019). The achieved data registered that all tested treatments prolonged the cold storage period of Zaghloul date palm fruits as compared to the control (Tap water). Fruits treated… 
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