Effectiveness of Process Metrics in Software Development


Software is characterised by software metrics. Calculation of effort estimation is a type of Process metrics. Software effort estimation plays a vital role in the development of software. In recent years, software has become the most expensive component of computer system projects. The major part of cost of software development is due to the human-effort, and most cost estimation methods focus on this aspect and give estimates in terms of person-month. In this paper, estimation of effort required for the development of software project is calculated using genetic algorithm approach. This paper is extended work of “GA based Optimization of Software Development Effort Estimation”. Software systems are becoming complex and they desire for new, effective and optimized technique with limited resources. A solution to this problem lies in nature where complex species have evolved from simple organisms and constantly become able to adapt to changes in the environment. In case of species, it takes hundreds of generations and years which are not considerable in the field of software engineering. With the use of genetic algorithm, it can be done instantly by simulating the results on various tools of genetic algorithm.

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