[Effectiveness of PEF monitoring in chronic management of asthma patients].


Whether PEF monitoring introduced by the guidelines (NIH/WHO, International Consensus Report and Japanese Allagology Society Report) is effective or not was discussed in chronic management of patients with asthma. It was stressed to improve usefullness of PEF monitoring in the management of asthma patients that the full understanding of physiological basis of PEF as a lung function test and an augmentation of sensitivity and compliance of the PEF monitoring which includes an improvement of accuracy of devices, and automatic registration of recordings and systems to check the maneuvers of patients to perform PEF is necessary and important.

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@article{Takishima1996EffectivenessOP, title={[Effectiveness of PEF monitoring in chronic management of asthma patients].}, author={Teruo Takishima and Hisanori Kawamoto}, journal={Nihon rinsho. Japanese journal of clinical medicine}, year={1996}, volume={54 11}, pages={2919-26} }