Effectiveness of Nursing Process Use in Primary Care.

  title={Effectiveness of Nursing Process Use in Primary Care.},
  author={Francisco Javier P{\'e}rez Rivas and Susana Mart{\'i}n-Iglesias and Jos{\'e} Luis Pacheco del Cerro and Cristina Minguet Arenas and Montserrat Garc{\'i}a L{\'o}pez and Milagros Beamud Lagos},
  journal={International journal of nursing knowledge},
  volume={27 1},
PURPOSE To determine whether patients assigned to primary care nurses who use the nursing process (use of NANDA-I, NIC, and NOC) achieve better intermediate health outcomes than the population assigned to nurses who do not use the nursing process. METHODS This is a retrospective cross-sectional study conducted in 34 primary healthcare centers of Area 11 of the Community of Madrid (Spain) based on electronic health records. FINDINGS The extension of health care provided was greater in nurses… CONTINUE READING