Effectiveness of Data Mining - based Cancer Prediction system (DMBCPS)


Cancer is one of the deadly diseases in the world today. Cancer is caused because of some genetic factors and/or environmental factors and/or today's modern lifestyle. Cancer has become the primary reason of death in developed countries. The most effective way to reduce cancer death is to detect it earlier. The earlier detection of cancer is not easier process but if it is detected, it is curable. Many works have been done in predicting cancer; different data mining approaches and algorithms were adopted by different people. Each work has some limitations such as lack of intelligent prediction, and inefficient in structure that motivated to take up this problem and to implement the Data mining based cancer prediction System (DMBCPS). We have proposed the cancer prediction system based on data mining. This system estimates the risk of the breast, skin, and lung cancers. This system is validated by comparing its predicted results with patient's prior medical information and it was analyzed by using weka system. The main aim of this model is to provide the earlier warning to the users, and it is also cost efficient to the user.

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