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Effectiveness of Care Pathways in Ideal Hospital Management System: A Review

  title={Effectiveness of Care Pathways in Ideal Hospital Management System: A Review},
  author={Baishakhi Dey and Anindya Mitra and Katakam Prakash and Amrita Basu and Supriya Pottal Ray and Analva Mitra},
Hospital is the medical institution where sick or injured people are given medical or surgical care irrespective of their socio-economic status. Health care givers and administrators are considered as health care professionals. The form of hospital services, their organization, development, operation and administration have undergone significant differentiations during the last 20 years. Public dissatisfaction with the traditional role of hospitals has grown vastly which may be attributed to… Expand


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Critical path method: an important tool for coordinating clinical care.
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The primary lesson learned at MCGH is that the CPM is most effective in an environment of communication and commitment, which allows clinic and nonclinic staff to talk about how their work influences each other's. Expand