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Effective results in the three-dimensional minimal model program

  title={Effective results in the three-dimensional minimal model program},
  author={Yuri Prokhorov},
We give a brief review on recent developments in the three-dimensional minimal model program. In this note we give a brief review on recent developments in the three-dimensional minimal model program (MMP for short). Certainly, this is not a complete survey of all advances in this area. For example, we do not discuss the minimal models of varieties of non-negative Kodaira dimension, as well as, applications to birational geometry and moduli spaces. The aim of the MMP is to find a good… 



General elephants of three-fold divisorial contractions

The theory of minimal models has enriched the study of higher-dimensional algebraic geometry; see [10] and [12]. For a variety with mild singularities, this theory produces another variety which

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§-oo. Abstract This paper introduces a temporary definition of minimal models of 3-folds (0.7), and studies these under extra hypotheses. The main result is Theorem (0.6), in which I characterise the

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In this paper, we show that a generalization of the classification theorem of Mori in [113] can be easily obtained from the contraction theorem of [5]. A fine analysis is made of the contractions of

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We study a divisorial contraction … : Y ! X such that … contracts an irreducible divisor E to a point P and that the discrepancy of E is 1 when P 2 X is a 3-dimensional terminal singularity of type

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We study semistable extremal threefold neighborhoods following earlier work of Mori, Kollár, and Prokhorov. We classify possible flips and extend Mori’s algorithm for computing flips of extremal

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§ O. Introduction § I. Preliminaries and basic definitions § la (Appendix la). Results on 3-fold terminal singularities § Ib (Appendix Ib). Deformation of extremal nbds § 2. Numerical invariants

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We complete the explicit study of a three-fold divisorial contraction whose exceptional divisor contracts to a point, by treating the case where the point downstairs is a singularity of index $n \ge

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We study log canonical thresholds (also called global log canonical threshold or $\alpha$-invariant) of $\mathbb{R}$-linear systems. We prove existence of positive lower bounds in different settings,

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Abstract We introduce a strategy based on Kustin–Miller unprojection that allows us to construct many hundreds of Gorenstein codimension 4 ideals with 9×16 resolutions (that is, nine equations and

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Albeit this investigation is interesting for its own sake, there are also applications to other problems in algebraic geometry. For example, Catanese [Ca] uses normal degenerations of P x P in order