Effective iterative techniques for fingerprinting design IP

  title={Effective iterative techniques for fingerprinting design IP},
  author={Andrew E. Caldwell and Hyun-Jin Choi and Andrew B. Kahng and Stefanus Mantik and Miodrag Potkonjak and Gang Qu and Jennifer L. Wong},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems},
Fingerprinting is an approach that assigns a unique and invisible ID to each sold instance of the intellectual property (IP). One of the key advantages fingerprinting-based intellectual property protection (IPP) has over watermarking-based IPP is the enabling of tracing stolen hardware or software. Fingerprinting schemes have been widely and effectively used to achieve this goal; however, their application domain has been restricted only to static artifacts, such as image and audio, where… CONTINUE READING
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