Effective employment screening practices

  title={Effective employment screening practices},
  author={Jund‐Ming Wang and Brian Kleiner},
  journal={Management Research News},
Considers the implication of poor recruitment for a company. lists the seven deadly hiring mistakes a firm can make and discusses the concept of negligent hiring and retention through poor checks.outlines the process of preemployment screening and presents a strategy for use. Addresses the issue of monitoring crime in the workplace and the associated ethics together with workplace violence. Emphasizes the need to check the legality of procedures. 
A Research Proposal: Negligent Hiring and Fraudulent Resumes
This research proposal considers effective screening practices companies must be aware of, what information is needed, and what to do with it.
Employee Background Verification: The Cross-Referencing Effect
The results indicate that cross-referencing increases the rate at which negative indicators are found in reference interviews by up to 10%, which is in line with the data already available for American organizations.
Workplace violence: impact, causes, and prevention.
Organisations with cultures which support fair working conditions and zero-tolerance for workplace aggression have been shown to help mitigate workplace violence.
A literature review on the international state of knowledge of drug testing at work, with particular reference to the U.S
Developments in the U.S. have become the catalyst for an international debate on the issue of substance use in the workplace and ways of dealing with it.
Making hiring decisions:a grounded theory approach to a practise-based study of filtering in selection
This thesis objective is to discover “How are informal decisions reached by screeners when filtering out undesirable job applications?” Grounded theory techniques were employed in the field to
National culture and fraud risk: exploratory evidence
Purpose - – The purpose of this paper is to test the association between national culture dimensions and exposure to fraud with a view to drawing implications for understanding fraud risk.
Is A Job Reference Really a Reference? Addressing Employer Name, Rank, and Serial Number Policies through Job Reference Immunity Legislation
Many employers are reluctant to provide detailed reference information about former employees because they fear being sued for defamation. To avoid liability, employers have implemented what are
The effectiveness of teacher recruitment and selection in Oman : an analysis of stakeholder perceptions
Oman’s public education system has expanded rapidly, with the number of teachers employed rising from 32 in 1970 to more than 36,000 in 2006. Widespread educational reform is currently underway and a


Hire the Best...and Avoid the Rest
This pragmatic guide provides a three-pronged approach that helps employees choose the most promising candidates - and eliminate hiring risks. The book shows readers how to: interview effectively
Preemployment drug screening at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1989 and 1991.
The decline in prevalence following implementation of a screening program supports the notion that preemployment testing can serve as a deterrent for drug-using persons in applying for employment.
The evaluation interview
The fourth edition involves major revision of about 50% of the materials including all-new sections applying Fear's time-tested interview techniques for team-building, strategic visioning, and developmental feedback -- powerful tools for improving motivation and employer-employee relations.