Effective depth of regular wave on submerged submarines and AUVs

  title={Effective depth of regular wave on submerged submarines and AUVs},
  author={Mohammad Moonesun and Firouz Ghasemzadeh and Yuri Mikhailovich Korol and Nikrasov Valeri and Alexi Yastreba and Alex and er Ursalov},
  booktitle={ICRA 2017},
Submit Manuscript | http://medcraveonline.com between two fluids of different density. Orbital motion dies out quickly below the surface. At some depth below the surface, the circular orbits become so small that motion is negligible. This depth is called the “Wave Base”. Wave base can be regarded equal to one-half the wavelength (λ/2) measured from still water level (Figure 1). Only wave length controls the depth of the wave base, so the longer the wave, the deeper the wave base. The decrease… Expand
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