Effective chelation therapy after incorporation of neptunium-239 in rats.

  title={Effective chelation therapy after incorporation of neptunium-239 in rats.},
  author={Vladim{\'i}r Volf and Renate Wirth},
  journal={International journal of radiation biology and related studies in physics, chemistry, and medicine},
  volume={50 6},
It was demonstrated in rats that it is possible to reduce the retention of 239Np in all body tissues by an early combined treatment with small doses of DTPA and DFOA. The content of 239Np can be decreased in soft tissues even if treatment is delayed. Promptly administered LICAM(C) proved more effective than the above chelate combination in reducing 239Np retention in the bones but increased that in the muscles and especially in the kidneys. This side effect of LICAM(C) could be partly prevented… CONTINUE READING

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