Effective algorithm of mining frequent itemsets for association rules

  title={Effective algorithm of mining frequent itemsets for association rules},
  author={Pei-qi Liu and Zeng-zhi Li and Yin-Liang Zhao},
  journal={Proceedings of 2004 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics (IEEE Cat. No.04EX826)},
  pages={1447-1451 vol.3}
The efficiency of mining association rules is an important field of KDD. The algorithm Apriori is a classical algorithm in mining association rules. It is a breadth first search on the lattice space of itemsets. Though it makes use of anti-monotone of itemsets to reduce searching breadth, the algorithmic complexity of time is still the exponential quantity. In this article, the concepts of the generation and the ordinal itemsets tree are introduced. The ordinal itemsets tree is the dynamic… CONTINUE READING