Effective Thermal Conductivity of Submicron Powders: A Numerical Study

  title={Effective Thermal Conductivity of Submicron Powders: A Numerical Study},
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Effective thermal conductivity is an important property of granular materials in engineering applications and industrial processes, including the blending and mixing of powders, sintering of ceramics and refractory metals, and electrochemical interactions in fuel cells and Li-ion batteries. The thermo-mechanical properties of granular materials with macroscopic particle sizes (above 1 mm) have been investigated experimentally and theoretically, but knowledge remains limited for materials… Expand
Multifunctional Coating with Both Thermal Insulation and Antibacterial Properties Applied to Nickel-Titanium Alloy
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Laguerre-Gaussian beams as an optical pipeline: Optical forces and intra-fluid micro particle movements
Abstract In this study, particle motion with low thermal conductivity, such as carbon nanoclasts aerosols, is simulated when irradiated by an optical tube such as Laguerre- Gaussian andExpand


Effective thermal conductivity of disperse materials. I. Compliance of common models with experimental data
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Model of thermal conductivity in powder beds
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A theoretical model for effective thermal conductivity (ETC) of particulate beds under compression
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Effective thermal conductivity of disperse materials. II. Effect of external load
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A DEM study on the effective thermal conductivity of granular assemblies
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Thermal or electrical conduction through a granular material
  • G. Batchelor, R. W. O'Brien
  • Materials Science
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1977
The material under investigation consists of particles of relatively large conductivity embedded or immersed in a matrix, the volume fraction of the particles being so high that they are in, orExpand
Thermal Discrete Element Analysis of EU Solid Breeder Blanket Subjected to Neutron Irradiation
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Thermal conductivity of packed beds: A review
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