Effective Renewal and Signing Method to Achieve Secure Storage and Computation Using Hybrid RSA-MABC Algorithm

  title={Effective Renewal and Signing Method to Achieve Secure Storage and Computation Using Hybrid RSA-MABC Algorithm},
  author={Anju Malik and V. Jain},
  journal={International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems},
  • Anju Malik, V. Jain
  • Published 2016
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems
Cloud providers offer several storage services for their users in efficient manner. Cloud users are allowed to store their data in cloud. The data leakage, lack of proper security control policy, and weakness in the data security are the main worries of the companies. We intended to propose a secure cloud storage system RSA-ABC algorithm for encryption and decryption process. Initially the user will login with the aid of private key and public key. Then send a request to the data base… Expand
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