Effective Media Use: Using Film And Television To Instruct An Organizational Behavior Course

  title={Effective Media Use: Using Film And Television To Instruct An Organizational Behavior Course},
  author={Thomas A. Kernodle},
  journal={American Journal of Business Education},
  • Thomas A. Kernodle
  • Published 1 November 2009
  • Education
  • American Journal of Business Education
Media can be used to effectively teach Organizational Behavior (OB) concepts at the college level. University instructors have the option to employ several different methods of teaching in order to convey course concepts in the classroom. This article describes the effectiveness that five particular pieces of media can have on active learning in an undergraduate OB class. The films For Love of the Game, 300, and 12 Angry Men, as well as the episode All Due Respect of the television series The… 

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