Effective Field Theory for Ultrasoft Momenta in NRQCD and NRQED

  title={Effective Field Theory for Ultrasoft Momenta in NRQCD and NRQED},
  author={Antonio Pineda and J. B. Parra Soto},
Two particle non-relativistic bound states in QCD (QED) have, at least, three well separated scales: the mass m (hard scale), the typical relative momentum |~ p| (soft scale) and the typical bound state energy E (ultrasoft scale). This allows to introduce a hierarchy of effective field theories when sequentially integrating out each of these scales. After integrating out the hard scale m QCD (QED) becomes a non-relativistic theory, the so called NRQCD (NRQED) [1]. This effective theory is local… CONTINUE READING

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