Effective Differential Lüroth's Theorem


This paper focuses on effectivity aspects of the Lüroth’s theorem in differential fields. Let F be a differential field of characteristic 0 and F〈u〉 be the field of differential rational functions generated by a single indeterminate u. Let be given non constant rational functions v1, . . . , vn ∈ F〈u〉 generating a subfield G ⊆ F〈u〉. The differential Lüroth… (More)


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@article{DAlfonso2012EffectiveDL, title={Effective Differential L{\"u}roth's Theorem}, author={Lisi D'Alfonso and Gabriela Jeronimo and Pablo Solern{\'o}}, journal={CoRR}, year={2012}, volume={abs/1202.6344} }