Effective Auto Encoder For Unsupervised Sparse Representation


Advisor Date DEDICATION To my family for their endless support and encouragement. ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This MS thesis work is a story of several people working together towards a common goal. I would like to show my gratitude to my MS advisor Dr. Xue-wen Chen, who is the mastermind behind all of the work. His advice surely helped me along the way. I am also very thankful to my fellow colleagues in our Big Data and Business Analytics Group who helped me so much through my whole MS life. Without their support and help, I could not have accomplished this project. I have to specially mention Dr. Melih S. Aslan, who guided me as a mentor and spent a lot of time answering my silly questions. I have to mention the name of my friend Sumukhi Chandrashekar, Itauma Itauma and Robert Taniru here, as they always were with me and provided mental support. Also I would like to acknowledge the support of all my family and friends. Without the love and encouragement of my parents, this accomplishment could have never been possible. Last but not least, I would like to dedicate this effort to my husband, without whom this would not have been a reality. I will always cherish the conversations we held about this thesis work and its possibilities beyond academic boundaries.

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@inproceedings{Mahnaz2016EffectiveAE, title={Effective Auto Encoder For Unsupervised Sparse Representation}, author={Faria Mahnaz and FARIA MAHNAZ and Melih S. Aslan and Sumukhi Chandrashekar}, year={2016} }