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Effecting Moral Change: Lessons from the First Emancipation

  title={Effecting Moral Change: Lessons from the First Emancipation},
  author={H. John Landis},
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Slavery: annual bibliographical supplement (2015)

For 2015 the bibliography continues its customary coverage of secondary writings published since 1900 in western European languages on slavery or the slave trade anywhere in the world: monographs,



The Fugitive Slave Law of 1793 and its Antecedents

  • C. W. David
  • History, Law
    The Journal of Negro History
  • 1924
Almost immediately after the introduction of slavery we find that its horrors led to so many runaways that colonial laws relating to fugitive slaves had to be enacted. In later days when the argument

Berlin, Ira

  • Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America.
  • 2002

Mason, Matthew

  • Slavery & Politics in the Early American Republic. Chapel Hill: University of
  • 2002

Slave traders and planters in the expanding South: entrepreneurial strategies, business networks, and western migration in the Atlantic world, 1787-1859

Tomoko Yagyu: Slave Traders and Planters in the Expanding South: Entrepreneurial Strategies, Business Networks, and Western Migration in the Atlantic World, 1787-1859 (Under the direction of Peter A.

The Origins of the Quaker Crusade Against Slavery: A Review of Recent Literature

Before the outpouring of books on the American Revolution during the Bicentennial, the most popular topics in American history were the causes and consequences of slavery and the Civil War.

A Quaker's Antislavery Crusade: Anthony Benezet

Les Quakers americains formaient, vers les annees 1780, une classe de riches possedants, la plupart proprietaires de nombreux esclaves. Ce qui scandalise nombre de membres de la Societe, dont surtout