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Effecte of Maisujing to Hyperlipemia

  title={Effecte of Maisujing to Hyperlipemia},
  author={Yan Lin},
  • Yan Lin
  • Published 2008
  • Medicine
  • Objective To study the effect of Maisujing to hyperlipemia.Methods 24 Purebred New Zealand rabbits with 1.5 ̄2.0kg and 4 ̄6 months old,were divided into 3 groups:control group(basal feed),high fat feed group(high fat and basal feed)and Maisujing group(high fat feed,basal feed and 1g Maisujing),to determined triacylglycerol(TG) and total cholesterol(TC) before feeding and after feeding 1,2,3 months,respectively.Results The first month,TC in high fat feed group has not significand difference with… CONTINUE READING

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