Effect of yoga on promotion of oral health

  title={Effect of yoga on promotion of oral health},
  author={Kuldeep Singh and Pooja Singh and Gurpreet Oberoi and Bahadrabad Haridwar Uttarakhand India Om Dental Clinic and Dental Clinic},
The objective of this paper review is to focus on the role of yoga in prevention of dental diseases and maintenance of oral hygiene. The etiology of dental diseases is ignorance towards the dental care, modern life style and stresses of busy life. The people who are stressed are less likely to give their teeth and gums the proper oral care. Yoga is one of the most effective treament for stress. Yoga reduce the stress, improve the oxidatus status of body, Improve the immune system and reduces… 
Yoga and Dental Health: A Review REVIEW
benefit is that it eliminates stresses. During a stressful event the Human body produces various harmful chemical stimuli that affect various organs. The prolonged exposure to these chemicals leads
Yoga as a Tool for promotion of Mental and Physical Health Leading to Better Performance of School Children’s
  • Kuldeep Singh
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Journal of Yoga and Physiotherapy
  • 2019
Yoga practices in school not only good for overall health of the students, but also helped them to improve their social status as well as preventing the negative patterns observed during the juvenile transition phase of life.
Yoga as a holistic approach for stress management in Oral Cancer patients. A prospective study
It can be concluded from this study that yoga is an effective method in reducing stress levels in individuals diagnosed with oral cancer.
The precedence and viability of yoga in the lives of D3-dental students, dental practitioners, and dental patients
Yoga can be used in the management of dental patients for stress-related oral conditions and has also been found to have antiinflammatory, antianxiety effect, and also a lot of other beneficial effects.
Complimentary and Alternative therapy in dentistry - Yoga
Scientific literature has evidence that practise of yoga causes down regulation of the hypothalamic pituitary – adrenal axis and thereby improves mental and physical health.


Improvement in oxidative status with yogic breathing in young healthy males.
Yogic breathing exercises not only help in relieving the stresses of life but also improve the antioxidant status of the individual, which is helpful in preventing many pathological processes that are known with impaired antioxidant system of body.
The history of oral hygiene products: how far have we come in 6000 years?
How far have we come in the past six millennia? Numerous dental epidemiological studies indicate that people are keeping their teeth longer than over before in this century. Agents and devices have
The effect of yoga in stress reduction for dental students performing their first periodontal surgery: A randomized controlled study
This study concludes that Yogic breathing has a significant effect on the reduction of state trait anxiety level of dental students.
The effects of yoga on anxiety and stress.
Evaluation of the current primary literature is suggestive of benefits of yoga in relieving stress and anxiety, but further investigation into this relationship using large, well-defined populations, adequate controls, randomization and long duration should be explored before recommending yoga as a treatment option.
The World Oral Health Report 2003: continuous improvement of oral health in the 21st century--the approach of the WHO Global Oral Health Programme.
  • P. Petersen
  • Medicine
    Community dentistry and oral epidemiology
  • 2003
The current oral health situation and development trends at global level are described and WHO strategies and approaches for better oral health in the 21st century are outlined.
The global burden of oral diseases and risks to oral health.
The burden of oral diseases worldwide is outlined and the influence of major sociobehavioural risk factors in oral health is described, which reflects distinct risk profiles and the establishment of preventive oral health care programmes.
Effects of yoga and the addition of Tui Na in patients with fibromyalgia.
These study results showed that yogic techniques are valid therapeutic methods for FMS and suggest that a passive therapy may possibly decrease control over FMS symptoms.
Effect of yogic exercise on super oxide dismutase levels in diabetics
The findings conclude that Yogic exercises have enhanced the antioxidant defence mechanism in diabetics by reducing oxidative stress.
Yoga therapy in chronic bronchitis.
  • D. Behera
  • Medicine
    The Journal of the Association of Physicians of India
  • 1998
Yoga may be an useful adjunct to other conventional form of therapy for COPD and lung function parameters also improved after the practice of yoga.